You think you want to be a loser. I thought I did, too. A loser of weight, that is. But, who wants to be a loser?

Not me.

I want to gain. Gain a life of weight wellness.

I know this is what you truly want too. We don’t want to be the kind of person who is always trying to lose weight. Don’t we want to be done with that and find ourselves in a place where we don’t have to worry about losing weight again? And to have done it in a way where we know we don’t have to fear gaining it back?

Are you tired of thinking you have to beat yourself up to be a better you? Me too.

The answer starts with watching our language. What I have found to be true is that the words we choose and the thoughts we think are all key to making this shift.

What do I know? Why me?

I have had challenges with weight throughout adulthood. In fact, as I am writing this, I still have weight to lose. But, I am confident that through my personal experience, education, and research, I have found a path that allows us to permanently lose weight in a way that is kind, mindful and sustainable.

Here is the surprising and audacious part. I’ve lost around 50lbs at the time of this writing, but I still have about 55lbs left to lose. Does it sound a little crazy that I’m going ahead and putting my thoughts on this subject out there? Perhaps. But, it is allowing me to share what I know real-time, on the journey right there with you.

I feel as though much in my life has lead to me an intersection of personal, professional and academic experience that places me in a unique position. A position which allows me a vantage point to see (and live through) the whole person experience of finding a solution to overweightness.

Follow along with me for a moment. I have undergraduate degrees in Psychology (mind) and Nursing (body), and a graduate degree is in Integrative Health and Wellness (mind, body and spirit). I have over ten years of experience in clinical research. I manage clinical services in an academic integrative medicine center. My graduate research focused on the evidence base for integrative approaches to weight loss. Through it all, I’ve observed and learned through the lens of someone overweight, and who wanted that to change. (If you want to know more of my official bio, feel free to visit my LinkedIn and connect.)

So, here I am, feeling a little naked. But, in all it’s honest glory, stretch marks, loose skin, and all, I want to share my thoughts and perspective with you. And hear yours as well.

I am so excited you are here, and hope you will join me along the way. Let’s stay connected. If you want to join the list (subscribe on the sidebar), I’ll keep you updated on my writing, and you can update me on your thoughts and experience. We’ll have a virtual cup of tea, and keep the conversation going.

You are awesome for sticking around to the end of this – let’s go be our amazing selves!