There are a lot of opinions on how often one should weigh one’s self while they are in the process of losing weight. I don’t believe we “should” do any particular strategy, but rather find what works for us the best.

Contrary to what I hear as recommendation to weigh less often, I find it better for me to weigh more frequently. Here are my reasons why:

  • My scale is not that reliable. I can step on the scale and it will show one number, and then step off, step back on, and then it can show up to a 1.5 lb difference from the last number. So, I realize that whatever number appears is an estimate. I even sometimes weigh a few times in a row, and keep the recorded weight that is closest to the average. Having daily weights can have me see more what is happening over the course of the month worrying less about the validity of the numbers.
  • It is easier to see trends. I have a research background. I like data. The more data points you have, the more reliable the data. When I weigh each day, I am more able to see trends that help me understand my body more. For instance, I know and can now predict what my body does for pre-cycle, cycle, and mid-cycle. Also, I am more easily able to recognize that daily fluctuations are just normal, so I don’t worry too much about any given day or weight.
  • I don’t put too much “weight” on a weight. When weighing less frequently, I feel I am more likely to put expectations and significance to that number. I could have a great week, do all the things in alignment with weight wellness, but the number may not be reflective for a variety of reasons. By weighing only weekly, I may be more likely to make that number mean something, even when it doesn’t. It is suggested that we weigh less frequently so that we don’t freak out about the number as often. If that is the case, I feel weighing daily can actually be better – but the key is to realize our crappy thinking around the number on the scale and work on changing that thinking. The scale and weighing is not the problem, our thoughts about it are the problem. Which tees up another reason…
  • It’s not that important. You might say, well, if it’s not that important, why weigh everyday? It is just one data point, among many. If you read my post on weight loss vs. weight wellness, you know that I don’t believe the weight loss is the end game, but rather my goal is living a life of wellness with my weight. When I think from that viewpoint, the weight is less important. Yes, it is an indicator, but it is also just what will happen with living life in the way I aim to live it. It is secondary, not primary.
  • It is easier for me to have as a daily habit. Less important, but for my routine, I find it easier just to be one of those things that I do each day. It is part of my morning routine. My scale sends the data to my Fitbit, so I don’t have to do anything more than step on, and the weight is recorded. Check!

I know what works for me, may not work for others. There are different reasons and triggers for each individual. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and what you do. Does this resonate with you? How do you approach the scale?